Environmental Compliance Statement

BIANATT in actively demonstrating its respect to the principles of social responsibility and its commitment to continuous environmental protection is taking measures aimed at the prudent and rational use of natural resources, the improvement of environmental performance and elimination of the adverse effects of its activities on the environment.

The Company Management's commitment on these principles is evidenced by its decision to voluntarily participate in the European Community eco-management and control system in accordance with Regulation 1221/2009 (EMAS).

Through its participation the company seeks active cooperation with relevant government, European Community, and private entities with the goal to comply with all the legislative provisions concerning the protection of the environment.

Indeed, the enforcement and implementation of measures for environmental protection set by BIANATT constitute an obligation of its employees and associates, and a condition for employment in the company or to cooperate with.

The well documented company environmental policy is a testament to its Management's commitment to continually modernizing the company's activities, always adhering to a sustainable development path.